Multifamily Investment Opportunity 

Gray Capital is excited to announce the opportunity for accredited individuals to invest in Suncrest Apartments.

Suncrest is a well built, 140-unit, B class multifamily apartment community located in growing Indianapolis, IN.

Passive investors enjoy all the benefits of real estate ownership while receiving regular tax sheltered cash-flow distributions with an 8% annual preferred return and a projected 2.45X multiple on invested capital over a 5 year hold.

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The Time To Invest In Multifamily Is Now

Multifamily apartments are not only real assets, they are also one of the best inflation hedges compared to any other investment asset class. They have a long track record of appreciation, cash-flow, and tax benefits.

The United States is experiencing a severe housing shortage. 360k apartments will be built in 2021, however data suggests developers will fall nearly 100k units short of the 460k units of projected absorption. Multi-decade-high household formation, spurred by post-pandemic job growth, has lead to record occupancy levels, especially in economically resilient markets such as Indianapolis, IN.

Record-high home values have widened the affordability gap, creating an even larger number of renters-by-necessity, putting even more pressure on apartment demand. Rent growth is up 6.8% year over year nationally.

Simultaneously, demand for multifamily apartments from investors continues increasing as real yields on most bonds are negative. Global investors and retiring baby-boomers intensify their search for yield. A strong performance from multifamily assets during the pandemic only solidified the asset class’s claim to being “recession resilient.”

Interest rates are at a multi-millennial low, combined with strong growth is creating attractive yields for multifamily investors even in a low cap rate environment. Cap rates will continue to compress until growth slows significantly and or if and when interest rates rise.

Continued fiscal and monetary stimulus will keep growth and inflation levels elevated for the foreseable future until growth eventually slows due to long standing demographic and technological forces. Central banks around the world will continue to adopt Modern Monetary Theory like policies, requiring interest rates near or below 0%.

One of the greatest transfers of wealth in human history is currently underway and real estate is the most time-tested method to grow and preserve wealth.

Given the current economic, demographic, and social trends, the team at Gray Capital believes Suncrest Apartments to be an incredibly compelling opportunity.

We look forward to your partnership.

Suncrest Key Features

  • Stable and in demand property (98% occupancy)
  • Light Value-Add Strategy 
  • Stable and growing Indianapolis multifamily market (12% rent growth in submarket – Co-Star)
  • Indianapolis Airport sub-market is a perfect fit between product, price, and location
  • High-demand e-commerce, advanced manufacturing, and logistics jobs in the area match the target population of Suncrest residents
  • Ample room for rent growth based on comparable properties 
  • Excellent risk-adjusted return—22% Projected IRR
  • 11% average yearly cash-flow
  • 2.45X equity multiple over 5 year hold
  • Incredible tax benefits 
  • Experienced sponsor team with over $1B in transaction experience managing a portfolio of over 9,000 apartment units

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