Gray Capital is a Multifamily Real Estate Investment and Asset Management Firm

Building Curated Portfolios
of Multifamily Apartments

Partnering to Secure Financial Independence

 Our Mission

Gray Capital is dedicated to helping our partners build and preserve wealth and to secure their financial autonomy with the assistance of diversified portfolios of cash flowing real estate assets, with a focus on multifamily housing.

Our investment thesis is built on a solid, conservative foundation paired with an opportunistic strategy:

Maximize the value and use of the communities we invest in while also taking advantage of inefficiencies in the commercial real estate investment market—leveraging the meta demographic, social and economic currents that continue to drive the growing multifamily market.


9,000 MF apartment units
in investor portfolios

U.S. Properties

45 Assets
in 7 states

$47MM+ of investor
capital deployed

$1B+ in commercial
real estate projects to date

Investing with Gray Capital

Learn more about the individualized, data-driven approach we take with each investor partner.

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Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to add another deal to your portfolio, or are new to investing in syndications –

From portfolio construction, to asset management of an existing portfolio, and discussing unique investment opportunities, our team is here to assist.


Commit to Invest

After joining the club and creating an investor profile we will identify those investment opportunities that best fit your objectives.

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Paperwork Inspection

Cash Flow and Equity Multiplication

We believe a good investment should be as passive as possible in nature, and balances strong income derived from cash-flow and a high multiple on ones capital.

As your portfolio grows and compounds, we look forward to being your partner along the way.


How We Work

Gray Capital is constantly working to discover projects where we can create value that delivers strong, stable returns.



We search for opportunities through our expansive networks of broker relationships as well as off-market opportunities directly from owners.

We target stabilized multifamily assets in growing secondary and tertiary markets.



Due Diligence

Once we identify a project worth pursuing, our teams perform  exhaustive physical, financial and legal analysis. 

Build the team

We believe that success is achieved through strong partnerships where alignment of interst is maximized.


We negotiate the most profitable terms from the seller and secure the most favorable terms from lenders for the benefit of our investors.

After acquisition, our asset management team works with the onsite team to execute the business plan and maximize return on the asset.



 Gray Capital pursues projects that we “could own forever” while remaining opportunistic when considering the appropriate timing of a sale.

Alternatively, the asset can be de-risked and capital can be returned through a refinance with investors retaining their equity interest in the project.


Why Invest in Real Estate?

Stable Returns

Real estate investments are less subject to stock market volatility and inflationary risk.

Cash Flow

Real estate investments can generate a stream of income throughout the investment period.


Your investment can increase in value alongside the cash flow it generates.

Real, Physical Asset

Real estate investors own real, physical, cash producing assets instead of paper, or derivitive assets.

Tax Benefits

From cost segregation, to accelerated and bonus depreciation, real estate enjoys some of the best tax benefits of any investment 

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