Gray Capital offers direct investment opportunities for individual investors, family offices, and institutions seeking concentration in an individual asset.

Our dynamic investment strategy at Gray Capital has driven the successful acquisition of over 10,000 multifamily apartment units, providing a 29% average return (IRR) to investors since launching in 2015.

Acquisition criteria

  • Value-Add and Core Plus Strategies
  • Primary Investment Region: Midwest, USA
  • Growing Secondary/Tertiary Markets
  • 100+ Unit Properties
  • 1980-2022 Vintage
  • Stabilized A/B-Class Assets
  • Market Rate Multifamily Properties
  • 7-10 Properties
  • 75% Average Loan to Value

Now is the time
to invest in apartments

  • Lack of development over the last decade has lead to a record supply and demand imbalance for housing
  • Effective rents are forecasted to grow 20%+ over the next 3 years
  • Apartments are the best risk-adjusted hedge against inflation
  • Single-family homes are out of reach to many, increasing the demand for rental housing
  • Downsizing baby-boomers are renting for flexibility
  • Enormous housing demand without enough supply
  • Would-be homebuyers and downsizing baby boomers drive up apartment demand
  • Incredible tax benefits including tax-sheltered income
  • Apartments have proven to be recession resilient
  • Global search for yield will keep cap rates low
  • Insulated from stock market and geo-political risk
  • Stable stream of income
  • Ability to force appreciation and increase returns
  • Incredible tax benefits including tax-sheltered income
  • Economies of scale compared to single-family homes and duplexes
  • Insulated from stock market and geo-political risk
  • Stable stream of income from cash-flowing apartment assets

Terms and Structure

The terms and structure of Gray Capital's direct investment opportunities are unique to each investment project. Direct investment minimum $1 million. Schedule a meeting below to learn more about the structure and strategy behind each deal.

Invest with Gray Capital

Gray Capital is a significant co-investor in all of its projects, contributing 20% alongside its investors and creating material alignment of interest and "skin in the game." Follow the link below to learn more about direct investment in a Gray Capital multifamily syndication.

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