Strategy GraphicGray Capital prioritizes the preservation of principle.

Subsequently, we work to achieve the highest return possible, tactically balancing risk in order to achieve alpha in a market of compressing yields. To do this, we focus on value add and core-plus assets in secondary and tertiary markets. By being more nimble than larger institutions, having boots on the ground in local markets, and strategic partnerships with best in class operators, we can rapidly deploy large amounts of capital into a variety of asset classes and markets. While we operate on a national basis, our target markets are primarily in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States, and our asset class of focus is multi-family residential housing. Other asset classes include medical office, industrial, and commercial office.

Gray Capital is yield (cash flow) focused, pursuing stabilized assets that produce consistent income at acquisition. Our project structure typically involves joint ventures or co-sponsorships with our network of best in class operators, who also have significant skin in the game. Through this strategy, Gray Capital manages 40 real assets valued at over $750 million.

We believe that great things in real estate can only be achieved through partnerships that have a foundation of aligned interest. We are always seeking out individuals, family offices, institutions, and new operating partners that share our values and our strategy. To begin the conversation about partnering with Gray Capital, click here to schedule a call or send us a message today.

Gray Capital Strategies


  • Value-Add Multifamily: Acquiring a cash flowing, usually older, asset that requires moderate to significant renovation but with great opportunity for upside.
    • Low – moderate risk profile
  • Core + Multifamily: Acquiring a stabilized, usually relatively newer construction,  asset with a high intrinsic value that requires minimal to no renovation.
    • Low risk profile
  • Medical Office Building (MOB): Small to medium sized MOBs with long term leases in place, often with physician co-investments.
    • Low risk profile
  • Opportunistic: Occasionally, opportunities present themselves that do not fit into one of our core strategies. However, some projects are worth exploring because they allow further diversification and unique opportunities invest. These opportunities include, but are not limited to: commercial office, industrial, new development, opportunity zones and more.
    • Low to moderate risk profile


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