Gray Capital is a boutique private equity real estate investment and asset management firm.

Bringing trust, transparency and experience to investing in commercial real estate syndications. With origins from, and direct affiliation with Gray Properties, LLC, a single family office, we have strategically developed a large and reliable investment platform of best in class real estate operators and managers. With our operating partners, we pursue, LP, JV, and GP co-investment opportunities to acquire stabilized cash flowing real estate assets throughout the Midwest and the Southeastern United States. Through this network we deploy our own capital and along with our passive investor partners and operators, we have all achieved exceptional returns to date (ask us about our most current return metrics). Gray Capital is integrated into a multi-vertical commercial investment ecosystem that has the ability to deploy capital efficiently and strategically across multiple markets and asset classes.


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Gray Capital LLC
6255 Carrollton Avenue #301075
Indianapolis, IN 46230


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