Gray Capital is a commercial real estate investment and asset management firm.


Our proprietary platform has participated in over $750MM in commercial real estate projects and has deployed $30MM of capital into investor portfolios spread over 8,000 multifamily apartment units and other commercial real estate assets. We have steady deal flow and opportunities that help investors diversify and scale quickly to yield the best risk adjusted returns possible. 

Investors who diversify into commercial real estate consistently outperform those who do not. With the volatility in today’s markets, smart investors are not comfortable with their net worth being invested primarily in public equities and bonds. However, most busy professionals do not have the time or relationships built to know who to trust their capital with. Over time, we have strategically amassed a reliable network of property managers and operators. Through this network, we invest our own capital and have achieved stellar returns.

We work with family offices, individual investors and institutions to build and preserve wealth through diversified portfolios of cash flowing real assets. Currently, our portfolio is comprised of 40 assets in 8 states in high-yielding Midwest and Southeast markets.

Our clients enjoy:

  • Scalability
  • Proven system
  • Simple process
  • Passive investments
  • Principal safety with dependable returns
  • Tax sheltered cash flow with additional tax benefits
  • Alignment of interests due to our high level of co-investment

Outstanding long-term wealth building opportunities exist in commercial real estate, especially multi-family investments. Our firm is integrated into a multi-vertical commercial investment ecosystem that has the ability to deploy capital efficiently and strategically across multiple markets and asset classes. If you are interested in smarter investing, complete the form and schedule a discovery call or video conference today.


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